Lance Alworth and the AFL

Our friend Todd, who runs the blog Tales from the American Football League, blogs about Lance Alworth today.  He’s got a pretty cool replica of Alworth’s Hall of Fame bust.

Last week we received our own Alworth item, this mint condition copy of his 1964 Topps football card.  It was part of a nice consignment of high-grade football Hall of Famers and rookie cards from the mid 60s that will be featured in our October auction.

Enjoy the Alworth eye candy on both our site and Todd’s today!


Once in a while, a new hobby discovery turns the collecting world on its ear.  With decades of people collecting and cataloging cards, how is it that there can be an undiscovered card issue?  And yet it’s happened in recent memory, with the 1921 Herpolsheimers, 1916 Tango Eggs, and 1920 Peggy Popcorn sets, among others.  Other times, a discovery sheds light on the origins of an obscure set.

In late 2007, a donut box – yes, a donut box – was discovered,  featuring 18 cards of various Americans printed directly onto the box.  Collectors could finally see the origin of the Doughnut Corporation of America’s “Thrilling Moments” cards.  The box sold for a staggering $17,500 at auction.

The individual cards, part of a 72-card set, were meant to be cut out of the box and affixed into an album called “Thrilling Moments in the Lives of Famous Americans.”  The album contained biographical information on each of the 72 subjects, some of which included Abraham Lincoln, Charles Lindburgh, George Washington, Sitting Bull, Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Teddy Roosevelt, and more.

Presented here is the Knute Rockne card from that scarce and fascinating set.  Rockne, the famed Notre Dame football coach credited with popularizing the forward pass, is an example of how American sports intertwine so closely with historical and political figures throughout the nation’s history.  The card, clearly hand-cut from its original home, pictures Rockne with the words “The Football World Will Never Forget Him” superimposed over the card.  Graded Authentic by SGC, we’re proud to have this interesting and scarce card in our inaugural auction this fall.